De Tal Palo...
Immersive show

De Tal Palo...

…tal astilla. Memories of eighty generations by Julián Gutiérrez.
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Julián Gutiérrez is not missing a single detail. He does not leave no stone unturned, and he is not willing to let those who have gone before him be forgotten; for if history changes, wood does not. He invites all the gentlemen of this forgetful century to stroll through the marvellous garden of his memory.

What is an authentic Julián Gutiérrez made off?

Don't hesitate, go deep into the history of this family with the cry of "Like father..." and you will be able to contemplate some of its portentous offspring asleep in the mists of time.   From the defence of Numancia to the sacred cave of Covadonga, and from the Navas de Tolosa to the surrender of Granada, without forgetting the horrors of the War of Independence. All the Julián Gutiérrez that Spain has produced are waiting to show their legacy and prevent it from being forgotten.

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