El Sueño de Toledo - Puy du Fou España
Espectáculo nocturno

El Sueño de Toledo

Puy du Fou España presents its great night show: El Sueño de Toledo.
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80 minutes
1 twice awarded

From the reign of Recaredo to the Navas de Tolosa, from the discovery of America to the arrival of the railway; this gigantic canvas thrills and transports spectators through 1,500 years of history represented by 200 actors and spectacular special effects on a huge 5-hectare stage.


A giant fresco through history

On a sunset on the banks of the Tagus, the young washerwoman María meets the old Azacán of Toledo. The man takes her on a journey through time and makes her relive the great moments of Spanish history through protagonists such as the Taifa King Al-Mamun, Queen Isabella and Emperor Charles V.

The greatest show in Spain

A unique night-time show in which history comes to life, crosses the city walls and crosses the depths of the river. Be thrilled by this great 70-minute show and relive first-hand the most important historical episodes that have shaped today's society.

World's Greatest Show - IAAPA 2022

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