El Misterio de Sorbaces

El Misterio de Sorbaces

A miracle that changed the face of history.
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The year 589, when the ruins of the Roman Empire were still smouldering, and two peoples coexisted without living side by side. In this secluded spot, a forbidden wedding is secretly celebrated between a young Roman girl and a Gothic prince, in the presence of the Holy Relic. But King Recaredo finds out about it and comes to sack the village. Until Heaven manifests itself.

A Mystery that remained intact for centuries

In 1858, Francisco Morales, a resident of Guadamur, discovered a few metres from here the most important treasure of the Visigoth kings known to date, buried in the lands of the orchard of Guarrazar.  All the attributes of their sovereignty were carefully laid out there, mute witnesses of vanished glories. Crowns of superb wealth, made of fine gold and set with pearls and sapphires, lay here, among the barely visible remains of a royal basilica: Santa María de Sorbaces.

Kings of an Ancient World

The crowns were sold and are now kept in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid and in the Cluny Museum in Paris. But the mystery remained intact, and unleashed the passions of the scientific community: Why crowns with such a shape? Why a royal sanctuary here? According to stories passed down from father to son, a great miracle was performed in this area...

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