El Espadero de Vivar - Puy du Fou España

El Espadero de Vivar

Master Antonio masters the secret of alchemy: his hands transform steel into wonders.
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They say that this is where Tizona was forged. Passed down from master to apprentice from the rock of old Toledo, the secret of alchemy is guarded in this forge. Antonio, the master swordsmith of Vivar, dresses the hands of the greatest heroes and makes the greatest feats possible. Shields and armour are displayed on its walls next to the swords of the Cid and the Great Captain.


El Arte de Forjar Espadas

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the ancient art of sword forging with Master Antonio in the show El Arte de Forjar Espadas. Discover the mastery behind the creation of these legendary weapons and explore the most important swords on a journey through history.