Villanueva del Corral
Poblado histórico

Villanueva del Corral

Heroic and loyal town, quarry of heroes of the Spanish Empire
En familia

Its greatest pride is its corral de comedias, one of the largest in Spain and witness to the great geniuses of the Golden Age. Here the best plays are premiered and the best swords are crossed. 

Villanueva del Corral is the essence of Spain

The greatness of the Habsburg empire, added to the nobility of the verse, augmented by the unsheathed of honour and honour, and invested with the dignity of the people.

Cradle of Heroes of the Flandes Tercios and inmortal literary figures

A stroll through its streets and balconies is enough to soak up the glories of yesteryear, enjoying its mentidero, its Corral de Comedias, its Bodegón, its tascas and the thousand vicissitudes that make up its life.