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Puy du Fou España

Our Concept

Puy du Fou España A unique park model in the world that goes into each of its creations to transmit unparalleled illusions and emotions to all its spectators. Those who already know us have the same opinion: It's indescribable!

Located in the heart of Los Montes de Toledo, just 45 minutes from Madrid, Puy du Fou España is synonymous with living an unforgettable experience traveling back in time. A place where history and nature go hand in hand.

A Pluma y Espada

What type of park is Puy du Fou España?    

It is not an amusement park, nor is it a theme park, the park is a spectacle in itself that teaches the history of the past as if it happened now.
Puy du Fou España offers two types of experiences:
The Day Park: Here time stands still so you can enjoy the life of yesteryear.
Be thrilled by its grandiose shows, walk through its historic villages and enjoy nature. 
From show to show you will learn about the History of Spain through impressive stagings.
El Sueño de Toledo: Our nightly show is a large-scale representation of more than 1500 years of Spanish history. You will relive the great events that shaped today's society
With a duration of 80 minutes, El Sueño de Toledo has been awarded as the best show in the world.

El Sueño de Toledo

Why choose Puy du Fou España?       

Unlike other theme or amusement parks, Puy du Fou España presents shows with elaborate scenery, exceptional performances and impressive special effects, which will immerse you in a true journey through time. 
An experience that goes beyond anything you had imagined!

El Taller de Don Serapio

A park for the whole family

Both children and adults are welcome to enjoy each of the shows and corners of the park. 
The spaces dedicated to the little ones make Puy du Fou España the perfect experience to live with the family.
The same function with different looks.    


Fauna and Nature

Puy du Fou España is completely integrated into the natural environment: the journey through history is also a journey through nature.
Since the park opened in 2021, the area has been repopulated with more than 45,000 species. This figure will continue to increase thanks to a rigorous landscaping project.
Within this environmental design, it is worth highlighting the involvement in the safety and welfare of the animals, which are part of the Puy du Fou España family, considering themselves the most pampered actors in the park.

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Organise your visit, use the free simultaneous translation service and explore the park with the Puy du Fou interactive map!

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