La Parrilla del Mercado

La Parrilla del Mercado

Specialty: burgers and salads


The burgers of the market, obligatory step of artisans and villains.

Stonemasons, masons and carpenters meet daily at the Market Grill. There they have lunch and talk, enjoying the grilled meat, sharing with the young apprentices with a pitcher of beer in hand.

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We adapt to any food intolerance.
People with reduced mobility
Vegetarian dishes
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Exclusive pre-sale product.

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La Parrilla del Mercado is located to La Puebla Real.


Persons with reduced mobility and disabilities

You will be given an accessibility guide when you arrive at Puy du Fou España.

Subject to providing proof of status, you will also be given an accessibility pass in order to make the most of Puy du Fou España and its dedicated entrances.

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