El Mezzé de Ziryab

El Mezzé de Ziryab

Specialty: Teas and delicatessen from the Middle East


The tea and delicatessen ceremony in Damascus.

The Mezzé of Ziryab is the caliph’s cuisine and from its fires come out the best dishes, prepared according to the teachings of the great gourmet Ziryab by Adil Abbas, one of his best pupils. Almojábana, arcaluz and fried almond cakes... delights of the Umayyad culture


People with reduced mobility
Table service
Vegetarian dishes
Visigithic era

El Mezzé de Ziryab is located in El Askar Andalusí


Persons with reduced mobility and disabilities 

You will be given an accessibility guide when you arrive at Puy du Fou España.

Subject to providing proof of status, you will also be given an accessibility pass in order to make the most of Puy du Fou España and its dedicated entrances.