Love causes problems, and whoever tasted it knows.
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For families
10 minutes

A poet meeting a damsel. An innocent courtship, well with Lope, not that innocent. Seducing the magistrate's daughter is a dangerous game... But love is blind. Affronts to honor, most of all when it is about a daughter, must be paid with blood. Will our heroe be able to get out of that trouble?

Poetry and crazy hearts; that's youth.

Lope always gets pulled by passion. Belisa's face got him enchanted. He now has to prouve his love the best he can ; with poems coming straight from his soul. Nevertheless, Villanueva's balconies are not a discreet place. The magistrate will not let a ladies' man seduce his beloved daughter. Fernán Gómez's sword is willing to cut the poet's feather.  Be ready to witness the first adventure of the ingenious Lope.